Speed, Accuracy & Reliability of Automated Audiometry

This study investigated the accuracy, reliability and time-efficiency of automated pure-tone audiometry (air and bone conduction testing) using the KUDUwave™. This was done by comparing thresholds obtained through automated air and bone conduction audiometry using the KUDUwave™ with manually obtained air and bone conduction thresholds. Both manual and automated testing and threshold collection was done with the use of a KUDUwave™.

The KUDUwave™  automated audiometry test showed similar test-retest reliability to that of the KUDUwave™ manual audiometry across the frequency spectrum for air and bone conduction audiometry. Test-retest correspondence for both automated and manual air conduction audiometry fell within 5 dB.  Additionally, the test-retest correspondence for manual and automated bone conduction audiometry fell within a 0 to 10 dB range.

No significant difference was noted between thresholds obtained with the KUDUwave™ automated air and bone conduction audiometry when compared to the KUDUwave™ manual air and bone conduction audiometry. Automated audiometry demonstrated similar time-efficiency to manual audiometry procedures. The accuracy and reliability of the KUDUwave™ automated audiometry thus allows audiologists to confidenty use automated audiometry in their clinical test battery.