Medical Surveillance Without a Sound Booth. (Validation)

This research aimed to investigate the validity of the use of the KUDUwave™ for testing hearing threshold levels and monitoring the Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH) in the occupational health setting for the purpose of medical surveillance of hearing without a sound booth. This study was conducted to answer the question: ‘’How do Kuduwave results compare with industry standard air conduction pure-tone audiometry?’’

Participants hearing thresholds levels were obtained with the use of a conventional audiometer inside a sound booth. The same participants were then further tested to obtain their threshold levels using the KUDUwave™ in a room without a sound booth to validate the results. The Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH) of each participant was recorded with both the the KUDUwave and the conventional audiometer and the results compared.

The results from this study conclude and confirm that the KUDUwave is suitable for medical surveillance audiometry without the use of a sound-treated booth. Additionally, the study also confirms the clinical validity of the KUDUwave audiometer for calculating the Percentage Loss of Hearing accurately without a sound-treated booth.