Evaluation of the Kuduwave™ audiometer for compliance with standards for hearing conservation purposes. (Research Report)

The evaluation of the KUDUwave™ against standards and regulations revealed that the KUDUwave™ complies with all required standards as an audiometer used for hearing conservation purposes as guided by the SANS 10083:2012. The KUDUwave™ (and its insert earphones) specifications adhere to SANS 8253-1:2011.

This report further specifies that the end-user using the KUDUwave™ for hearing conservation purposes as per the SANS 10083:2012 must comply with the minimum of three-monthly calibration and the keeping of adequate records of daily and weekly biological checks as per the SANS 10154:2012. Furthermore, as much as the KUDUwave™ is able to highly attenuate ambient noise, the user must ensure that the environment where testing down to 0 dBHL is conducted complies with maximum permissible ambient noise levels as per the SANS 10182:2006.  

This report concludes that the KUDUwave™ complies for use in hearing conservation and therefore in medical surveillance since the above-mentioned standards are requirements for SANS 10083:2012, the standard which specifies how the medical surveillance is conducted. The KUDUwave™ has an advantage for quality control of the test validity and reliability, which is often a concern in occupational and industrial settings.

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