Powerful stories from KUDUwave users

Thank you to everyone who shared their story on how you’re changing the lives of people with KUDUwave. Despite the competition’s end, we encourage all KUDUwave users out there to share your story with us – We’re all ears (always).

We’re excited to announce the winners of our recent ‘Share your Story’ competition:

– (1st) Natalie Buttress, an audiologist from NB Hearing.

– (2nd) Annerina Grobbelaar, an audiologist from Maluti Health Centre – Ficksburg.

Here are a few of the great stories that were submitted (Not sorted in a significant order)


When we all thought the majority of the South Africans who are living below their means don’t deserve Audiology services because we can’t take our booths to them, the KUDUwave came and changed all that. With my KUDUwave down the rural villages of Limpopo I am able to run my practice anywhere and still conduct all necessary hearing tests and intervene. The KUDUwave is so portable and user-friendly and makes it highly impossible to run a successful practice without it at the moment. We are almost at that era where KUDUwave is synonymous of Audiology. Thank you eMoyo



I have come to love our KUDUwaves. While I still use traditional diagnostic audiometry, our three KUDUwaves have augmented my practice life, so brilliantly.

Our KUDUwave backs me up when Eskom doesn’t. Traditional assessments are reliant on plugged-in power. Our KUDUwave allows me to keep testing when the lights (and sounds) go out, everywhere else. 

Our KUDUwave creates a more flexible diary. With four audiologists working side by side, sometimes our booths are occupied. A patient that needs testing has to be assessed NOW, not next week. In my quiet offices, our KUDUwave is able to allow a clinician to test accurately and reliably even though my booth is busy. Our KUDUwave lets me reach people who can’t move anymore. Some of our patients have become too ill to travel or their families are no longer around, and they are alone without transport. Our KUDUwave allows us to provide support even when getting to us is impossible. 

Our Kuduwave is becoming more dynamic. We have recently upgraded, which will open the door to high-frequency monitoring for our oncology patients, and instant, simultaneous bilateral tympanometry and ipsi- and contralateral reflexes. This is a complete diagnostic solution that can be used inside or outside of the booth. I am a proponent of new innovation, especially when it is capable of meeting standards. If used in the right way, KUDUwave is the proudly South African answer to many practice conveniences.

But I’m also a clinician, scientist, and fundamentally, I require proof. When I first obtained a KUDUwave (in the first year of launch), I tested several people in my booth, and then in the required quiet room, with the KUDUwave. Thresholds and other results translated well with great reliability. So, I am on board for the future. I support this great South African product wholeheartedly, and I can’t wait to see what the eMoyo team do next!



I have had a wonderful experience with my KUDUwave Pro. I feel like I carry a whole audiology profession in my KUDUwave suitcase. It’s so easy to use, time-efficient and saves paper as I do my record keeping online. Also, the most important part is that in an easily do home visits and perform my assessments wherever the patient sees fit.



In 2008 I moved from Cape Town to the small rural town of Ficksburg. At that time Ficksburg did not have any audiological services – the nearest was in Bethlehem (100km away) or Bloemfontein (200km away). People with hearing loss had to travel far for services, and due to the hassle many went undiagnosed and did not receive any help. However, when I started my practice in 2010, I was unsure what the market was like here in Ficksburg, and there was no way that I would be able to afford a booth and equipment. I heard about the KUDUwave, and went to see.

Dirk about it. I was very impressed with the audiometer and purchased it shortly thereafter. Since then I have used nothing else, I have delivered full diagnostic audiological services to at least 700 people here in Ficksburg, and have not looked back since! In 2013 I started my PhD, which included performing extended high frequencies on teenagers at school. Yet again, the KUDUwave pulled through and I was able to perform reliable high-frequency audiometry in the singing room at the local high school – again, this would not have been possible AT ALL without the KUDUwave!

Ten years on and we are moving to Pretoria this year. There is still a great need for audiological services here in Ficksburg, so I will be delivering services via tele-audiology – of which the KUDUwave is the key to it all. So – due to the KUDUwave I will be able to continue my practice here in Ficksburg, I will be able to work part-time in the mornings to be with my kids in the afternoon, all while being in Pretoria.