How to give back with the KUDUwave

If you are a person who enjoys giving to others, have you ever thought of using your profession as a way of giving back to a community? Audiology equipment and expertise are expensive and not many people have access to these essential services. This is why organisations like Entheos Audiology Cooperative and HeartoAid have initiatives which are simply ingenious!

Hearing the Call Entheos Audiology Cooperative

Hearing the Call is an initiative started by Entheos. They organize humanitarian trips all over the world, to provide much needed audiology services to the ones who need it most. With their help, communities are able to receive the gift of hearing again where once there was not much hope. In turn this builds the community up as once ostracized members of society are now re-integrated and able to provide in meaningful ways. This is the gift which keeps on giving to more than the recipient of hearing aids.

eMoyo was honoured to host the Entheos team and many audiologists who travelled to South Africa to diagnose and treat hundreds of patients in desperate need. When the team returns again, we would love it if more proudly South African audiologists would raise their hand to volunteer during the short time the next clinic is planned. The beauty of a KUDUwave is that you can take it anywhere, and you are more than welcome to join the Entheos team and travel the world with them providing your expertise and time, treating the most vulnerable populations who require your services. 

Contact eMoyo to find out when the next Entheos trip is planned and how you can help by volunteering your time and expertise. 

Contact Entheos if you would like to donate to their cause: Hearing the Call, or if you would like to join in another humanitarian trip abroad.

Travel with Purpose Hear to Aid

Hear to Aid is a Zimbabwe-based Foundation trust offering hearing health care services to children and youths aged 18 and under. For seven years the founders have been offering help, free of charge, to children from low income families. Services range from hearing tests and infection management to rehabilitation through hearing aids.

Travel with Purpose is an initiative designed to generate funds for the HeartoAid clinics whilst providing people an opportunity to explore a beautiful part of Africa. You have the opportunity to be a part of the amazing team, doing the incredible work with them as seen in the video above whilst also experiencing true African hospitality. 

Learn how you can support this foundation by going to their website or social media pages.