Bringing Awareness To Hearing Loss On World Hearing Day

Communication is the foundation, the cornerstone, and the very bricks and mortar of our day-to-day lives. It’s how we connect. With each other, our environments, and the world.

Of course, there are several ways in which we can and do communicate, but what happens when we take a whole sense out of the equation?

For World Hearing Day 2019, we challenged top local musicians to find out.

They went #DeafForADay and told us all about it

What became immediately apparent for each of them was how disconnected they felt. There were misunderstandings, frustrations, and ultimately a humble sense of gratitude.

This experience made them think about something that so many of us take for granted – our hearing. As Cito said: “Anybody can experience hearing loss… look after your ears, they’re the only ones you’ve got.”

Each year, the World Health Organisation picks a theme for World Hearing Day – this year’s was a call to action: “Check your hearing!” Getting your hearing tested by an audiologist is a critical first step in protecting your ears, one that not everyone has access to.

That’s why the KUDUwave exists.

We make our business to keep people connected by making audiometry accessible by anyone, no matter where they are.

This also means that hearing wellness is a lot easier to practice – in healthcare as well as schools and business environments. Noise doesn’t always come from pneumatic drills or jet engines, it’s in boardrooms, playgrounds, and the earphones you might wear at your desk. In fact, it’s not even all about noise induced hearing loss. It can be a simple ear infection or your medication (drug induced hearing loss) that causes it.

There’s a lot to be aware of when it comes to your ears, and it all starts with that trip to the audiologist. 

Get tested and stay connected.

For further insight into their experiences, watch what else Cito from Wonderboom, Gad de Combes from Shortstraw, and Denholm Harding from Just Jinjer had to say before they challenged their own peers to take on the challenge themselves.

More on that soon.