6 Of Our Most Popular Audiology Posts Of 2018

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Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with a collection of our posts that were most popular amongst KUDUwave readers in 2018. 

6 most popular articles in 2018

These posts received a whopping number of views in 2018 and continue to be popular amongst audiologists, occupational health practitioners, students and doctors alike and cover a fairly broad range of topics at different levels. 

If you haven’t already read these articles now’s your chance in one quick list:

Rising Stars

While a lot of our content remains popular, we are seeing the biggest rise in the subject of tele-audiology. This topic is expected to grow in 2019 as many audiologists come to grips with changes in the market and look to find new ways to adapt by improving access to their services, compete in a changing environment and ultimately continue to grow their business. 

  1. The Right Tools For ehealth in Audiology (tele-audiology)

  2. How to Successfully plan for a Tele Audiology Practice

  3. How to Implement Tele-Audiology in your Practice

With this in mind, we are busy putting the last few polishes on some helpful guides and resources to help you get started with teleaudiology in your practice. 

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