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State of the art portable spirometer that offers user-friendly functionality, speed and precision  for a powerful, light-weight and effective solution in pulmonary function testing.

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ORCAwave Spirometer

The ORCAwave Spirometer™ Is The Latest Technology In High-Resolution Lung Function Testing

lightweight and extremely accurate portable spirometer that offers uncompromising quality and ease of use combined with lightning fast testing at a budget friendly price.

The spirometry test is the key component of occupational health respiratory testing programs for patients who are exposed to chemicals, dust and other airborne particles that may affect pulmonary function.

We are laser focussed on accuracy and dependability which makes the ORCAwave Spirometer™ the technology you can trust.

A proud product of eMoyo technologies and backed by our 3 year warranty policy.



The World’s First 3D Tilt Sensing Spirometer

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3D tilt sensing monitors the position of the spirometry machine during testing.

By monitoring the position of the spirometer (front, back, left, right)  3D Tilt Sensing ensures that patients perform their tests in an upright position and with the correct posture for accurate results.



Pulmonary Function Parameters Measured

For lung function tests the patient is required to take a deep breath and forcefully exhale the air in their lungs into the spirometer (also known as a pneumometer).

Test results indicate the patient’s lung capacity (measuring how much air your lungs can hold) and function (how well your lungs work) as measured by the spirometer and provides the vital data required for medical report.

The ORCAwave spirometer measures the following parameters and more:

Forced Vital Capacity [FVC]

Forced Vital Capacity is the volume of air that can forcibly be exhaled after full inspiration and is measured in litres.

FEV1 vs FVC (FEV1/FVC ratio)

This measurement determines the ratio of air the patient is able to expel in 1 second compared to their full lung volume.

Peak Expiratory Flow [PEF]

The peak expiratory flow, also called peak expiratory flow rate, is a person’s maximum speed of expiration and is measured in litres per second.

Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second. [FEV1]

Forced Expiratory Volume measures how much air (measured in litres) a person can exhale in one second during a forced breath out.

Tidal volume [TV]

Tidal volume is the volume of air that is transported in and out of the lungs during a normal breath (when the breathing is not forced).


Advanced feature-rich easy to use Spirometry software

The ORCAwave uses state of the art technology combined with ease of use to make it a powerful, effective and lightweight lung testing tool

  • Interactive Incentive graphics
  • Quick and easy to use software
  • Customisable settings
  • 3D Tilt sensing ensures correct posture and quality results
  • Share tests with other ORCAwave software users
  • Free software with regular updates and backups
  • Patient trend reporting (monitor a patient’s response to medication)
  • USB powered (no batteries required)

eMoyo EMR software for the ORCAwave and KUDUwave


Do not lean too far left



ORCAwave Weather Station™

Barometric pressure, room temperature and humidity are integral to accurate spirometry measurement. The ORCAwave Weather Station™ is a USB key with multiple sensors that accurately measures pressure (mmHG, mbar), temperature (Celcius or Farenheit) and humidity in real time.

Orca software will automatically input pressure, temperature and humidity data from the weather station and populate the relevant fields to save you time and effort while providing accurate, real-time information.

Temperature: 0 – 70 Degrees Celsius [0.5% Error – minimal]
Barometric Pressure: [1.5% Error]
Humidity: [3.5% Error]


ORCAwave Calibration Syringe

The ORCAwave Calibration syringes are built to last and offer a robust aluminium casing and frictionless operation. Accurate to 3.00 litres, ORCAwave Calibration Syringes are also compatible with all commonly available spirometers.

Type: Bi-Directional 3 Litre.
Stroke length: 401.6mm

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All our products are supported by eMoyo’s 3 year warranty and supported by a team of skilled technicians, engineers and medical professionals who are available on website chat, social media, telephonically and email.