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OtoClear® Ear Irrigator

The OtoClear Ear Irrigation allows healthcare professionals to utilise a soft, flared, 3 stream tip that eliminates the mess and improves patient safety.


Compact and effective

  • Continuous stream
  • Pressurised delivery of water
  • Portable and robust
  • Stable hand while irrigating
  • Temperature gauge to monitor water temperature
  • 650ml bottle

Unique OtoClear tips

  • Directs water to the ear canal wall to flow around the ear wax, instead of directly at the tympanic membrane
  • Prevents backsplash
  • Prevents over insertion
  • Multiple holes that ensure a tri-directional water flow at a 30° angle into the ear canal.

Irrigation basin

  • The anthropometrically designed ear basin is a handheld basin that catches cerumen and water when using the irrigator.
  • Tri-directional water flow at 30° means very little water is needed to remove wax

For more information regarding the use of an ear irrigation system, take a look at our blog post:

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