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eMoyo’s goal is to produce the highest quality equipment that does not hinder the medical professional and reveals uncharted opportunities. Our goals guide our engineers and researchers to be more creative when testing the portable KUDUwave boothless audiometer to its limits.

Who knows if your KUDUwave might go to the peaks of Machu Picchu, or the depths of the Congo rainforest, or the farthest outskirts of the Gobi Desert. The sky’s the limit – literally! So that’s where we are launching the new KUDUwave Pro TMP

Up, up and away! 
Far into the freezing stratosphere!

Is operating the KUDUwave at -50 degrees possible?
Once again eMoyo did the impossible.
Watch now!

Are you thinking of travelling now that the lockdown is finally over? Without work, or social events to keep us busy, many of us have come down with a mild to severe case of wanderlust since being confined for so long. So how do you balance work and taking advantage of your freedom again? Are work and traveling for fun as exclusive as you think?


Save your seat to watch the launch and stay up to date with eMoyo

A New Era In Tympanometry
Has Begun

Integrated Bilateral Tympanometer for KUDUwave audiometers

KUDUwave Pro TMP