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Tele-audiology and the KUDUwave

An ideal solution for tele-audiology

A portable computer-based comprehensive solution audiometer featuring booth-free operation and all diagnostic tools you will need in your tele-practice. Making the KUDUwave the ideal solution for tele-audiology practices

The power of tele-audiology opens up a world of possibilities for your practice and enabling the provision of services without the limitations of geography. Tele-audiology capabilities coupled with integrated patient management system & cloud storage enable state of the art tele-audiology services allowing you to be where you are needed most.

The KUDUwave allows for the provision of comprehensive diagnostic audiological assessment remotely, aural rehabilitation, counselling, and program and fine-tune hearing aids remotely, in any tele-audiology situation!

Comprehensive diagnostic audiology battery

Tele-audiology should not have to result in compromised quality. The KUDUwave solution ensures uncompromising accuracy and validity of remote hearing healthcare services. The comprehensive diagnostic solution allows for the same quality of traditional diagnostic audiology.

  • Case history and medical/ occupational questionnaire. 
  • Diagnostic pure tone audiometry: Automated and manual air- and bone conduction testing with masking capabilities. 
  • Speech audiometry: Semi-automated and manual speech recognition threshold, word recognition, Speech-In-Noise, and CAPD materials.
  • Immittance audiometry: Automated and manual tympanometry, and Ipsi- & Contralateral acoustic reflexes. 

Different solutions. Specific to your needs

Audiologists and other hearing healthcare providers across the globe are faced with different challenges. Resultantly, how tele-audiometry services are provided will vary from one clinician to another. There are three main principles or methods of delivering tele-audiometry services, namely: synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid. The KUDUwave can be used to provide audiological services in all the three different ways, depending on your resources and needs. 

  • KUDUwave-Synchronous (Live and in Real-Time): This requires active internet connectivity for both the KUDUwave PC and the PC used to control the KUDUwave remotely. The patient is assisted by a technician or a facilitator in order to set them up for testing. The audiologist then joins the consultation via live video streaming and conducts the test via a remote computer control software like TeamViewer™. This is exactly like a normal face-to-face consultation and interaction, except it is through technology. 
  • KUDUwave-Asynchronous (Store and forward): Many areas do not have a stable internet connection or may not have an audiologist to attend to patients immediately. The test can be conducted using the KUDUwave’s validated automated capabilities using a trained assistant and the results are sent to the audiologist either via email, cloud-based storage or similar. 
  • KUDUwave-Hybrid: The use of both synchronous and asynchronous principles as situations vary from day-to-day. 

Secure and encrypted data storage

The eMoyo Electronic Medical Record system comes as standard. To allow for efficient and effective tele-audiology implementation and execution. 

Folder management with the KUDUwave. With the KUDUwave software, you can create as many folders as you need. These folders make patient profile storage and retrieval efficient. The clinician can organize their patients into area names or centre served, and further by grouping them into sub-folders such as their diagnosis, plan of action or age group. Data can also be grouped by data of consultation, or better yet, whether patients have been billed or not.

Secure data storage, backup and restore with the KUDUwave. Patient records are a sensitive business. The KUDUwave allows you to store patient data on the software, this data is safe and encrypted. 

Thinking Out The Booth

The accuracy of the test results obtained through tele-audiology depends heavily on the equipment used. If employing booth-less audiometry, it is important to ensure that the device can attenuate ambient noise sufficiently to ensure accurate diagnostic results.

Boothless testing with the KUDUwave. Using Ambi-Dome™. Unique to KUDUwave, Ambi-Dome is the combination of physical passive noise blocking and active noise monitoring technology that provides the core boothless testing ability of every KUDUwave Audiometer.

Passive Attenuation is provided by the unique combination of dual circumaural ear cups and insert earphones, and offers the same level of attenuation as a standard audiometric booth.

Active Noise Monitoring is an additional assurance against intermittent peaks in noise. During a hearing test, ambient sound is monitored by integrated external microphones in real-time. This is simultaneously compared to the intensity and frequency of the tone being presented.

If noise will affect the tone presented it is marked and displayed on the live audiogram view. The clinician is then able to pause testing until the noise subsides or manually repeat the tone later in the test. Noise levels will also be indicated on the final report as a quality control measure.

In automatic test mode, affected tones can be set to repeat later in the test automatically to ensure that every tone is heard.

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