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Speech Audiometry

Speech Testing With KUDUwave™


Speech audiometry is a vital tool in the assessment and management of hearing loss.  Speech audiometry is used to assess a patient’s sensitivity to speech as well as clarity to speech heard. Used in conjunction with pure-tone audiometry, speech testing is integral in quantifying benefit from amplification and in determining audiological management decisions (i.e. consideration of alternative hearing amplification devices).

The KUDUwave makes speech testing easy and reliable with pre-recorded speech testing offering greater control of signal intensity and improved test-retest reliability.

Recorded materials improve both the intrasubject and intersubject precision of threshold and suprathreshold measures by providing a consistent level for all test items and consistent speech patterns between patients.

The KUDUwave makes integration of recorded speech materials into your practice pretty seamless through the use of KUDUwave plugins. Plugins are simply small applications that are downloaded and installed to run within your KUDUwave software to add more functionality. Some are free, while others, due to license restrictions, are paid. 

Provide reliable, valid and repeatable testing.

Using recorded speech means that clinicians can reliably repeat tests, ensuring that their results are valid and that they are able to eliminate as much variability as possible.

Say Goodbye to Office Clutter

The KUDUwave is not punted as a “single device to run your practice” for nothing! Say goodbye to paper copies of speech testing word lists, outdated, obsolete machines and CD players.

Since the recorded speech words are presented on the screen, the clinician can easily monitor the test process, and as they are not reading the words, they decrease the potential for lip-reading and eliminate the need to hold a piece of paper in front of their mouth.

Auto Scoring

The KUDUwave’s auto-scoring, eliminates any scorer errors and saves time by being automated.

Not Your Mother Tongue? No Problem

The KUDUwave library of recorded speech materials is growing monthly and contains various languages to suit your patients. 

If we don’t have the test or language you are looking for, you can request it here. When we add it to our lists we’ll notify you as soon as it is ready for download. 

If you would like to provide validated speech recordings and tests to the KUDUwave Community please reach out to us for instructions on how to go about doing this. 

Available Speech Tests

Speech Recognition Threshold

  • Maryland CNC word list read by a female
  • Spanish Auditory Test: Tri Syllables read by a male (Auditec)
  • South African Gauteng Afrikaans read by a female
  • and more…

Word Recognition

  • Maryland CNC word list read by a male
  • Freiburger Deutsch word list read by a male
  • Sepedi word list read by a male
  • isiZulu word list read by a male
  • and more…

Special Tests

  • QuickSIN (Adult)
  • Spanish Auditory Test: Paired Comparison Sentences (For MCL-UCL) read by a male (Auditec)