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A New Era In Tympanometry
Has Begun

Integrated Bilateral Tympanometer For KUDUwave Audiometers


Diagnostic Immittance Audiometer

KUDUwave™ Pro TMP is a Type 1 Clinical Immittance Instrument.

KUDUwave™ Pro TMP is an upgrade or addition to KUDUwave devices that integrate tympanometry and acoustic stapedius reflex measurement functionality into the KUDUwave headset. The integration offers truly all-in-one comprehensive audiology services.

KUDUwave Audiometers help to reduce costs, save on space and replace expensive traditional audiology equipment. All this while bringing you closer to your patients to offer more personal care without compromising on quality.  

Provide hearing healthcare services to patients where they are.


FDA Listed, calibrated to and compliant with ANSI S3.39, and IEC 60645-5

Diagnostic Tympanometer

KUDUwave™ Pro TMP is an upgrade or addition to KUDUwave devices that integrate tympanometry functionality into the KUDUwave headset. KUDUwave™ Pro TMP offers twice the value of any standard audiometer by providing dual tympanometers integrated into each KUDUwave ear cup.

For the first time in history, simultaneous, bilateral tympanometry is a reality.

The KUDUwave™ Pro TMP is available at the point of purchasing new KUDUwave devices and/or as an upgrade to an existing KUDUwave device.

Automatic Simultaneous Bilateral Tympanometry

Dual tympanometers means that Automatic Bilateral Tympanometry is now possible. This enables you to test patients in half the time. This also makes testing sensitive children easier by testing both ears simultaneously and avoiding pain-related difficulties.

Superimposed tympanograms and real-time data presentation

The KUDUwave™ Pro TMP’s dual tympanometers means that users no longer need to switch ears during testing. It also means that the tympanograms of each ear are immediately viewable on the same set of axes and in real-time so that you can easily compare the results of one ear against the other and review both sets of data in a single view.

Intuitive Tympanometry Software

Automatic seal checking provides additional layers of quality assurance and helps to speed up testing. Assistive test classification helps ensure accuracy, efficiency and make the KUDUwave™ Pro TMP easy to use.

Eustachian Tube Function

Multiple tympanograms can be displayed for each ear and with the ability to switch between results and/or delete as necessary. The ability to display multiple tympanograms also enables the testing of the Eustachian Tube Function in a simple and intuitive manner.person in the room, the patient.

Diagnostic Reflex Measurements

KUDUwave™ Pro TMP integrates acoustic reflex measurement functionality.

For the first time in history, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex testing can be conducted without swapping the probe tip and the activator-stimuli tip (headset).

Dual pneumatic systems mean that ipsi- and contralateral reflex measurements without swapping the probe tip and activator-stimuli headsets are now possible. This enables you to save valuable clinical time, and still yield all the important clinical information you need.

How is this possible? The KUDUwave™ Pro TMP has speakers (probe tones) and microphones on both sides.

The KUDUwave™ Pro TMP offers the ability to store the reflex measurement history for each frequency tested.


Reflex Decay

A continuous stimulation (≥10 seconds) can be introduced to the ear at 10 dB above the ART. The ability to do so allows for reflex decay measurement – which is useful in detecting or confirming retro-cochlear pathology.

Stimulus Type & Duration

Choose between testing with pure tones (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz) and Broadband noise. The stimuli can be either pulsed or continuous, with the duration of your choice. Testing made personal.

Measurement History Viewer 

Ipsilateral and contralateral measurements provide you with a lot of valuable data. The KUDUwave™ Pro TMP software allows you to store multiple reflex thresholds for each ear and specific test frequency. This allows one to compare reflexes elicited at various intensities.

No swapping. Save time

Test left or right ipsilateral and contralateral reflexes without swapping ears, with just a simple click on the software.

The set-up with a repeatable first-time seal is easy with the KUDUwave™ Pro TMP.