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KUDUwave™ Integrations

Powerful alone. Better together.


Noah 4 integration module is now available.*

Easily initiate testing with the KUDUwave within Noah and have results automatically transferred to the patient record in the Noah System. This plugin is available at no additional charge.

To use Noah you will need:

  • A KUDUwave Audiometer
  • The latest version of eMoyo EMR software
  • The Latest Version of Noah 4

* Tests available through the integration:

  • Pure Tone Threshold Audiometry
  • Word Recognition
  • Speech Reception Threshold

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      Powerful alone. Better together.

      KUDUwave already offers a stack of powerful features that come completely free with the core software. Now, with a growing list of plugins such as speech tests and a new NOAH 4 integration the KUDUwave gets even better.