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KUDU™ stand

Soft to the touch. Perfectly balanced. No slip. Beautiful. Professional.

We used the latest advances in silicone moulding for you to enjoy the future of healthcare. Introducing the KUDU stand, the first ever stand for an audiometer.


Do you remember the days where audiometer headsets just lay on the table, not looking neat and sometimes even slipping of the table. Now your KUDU has a special place on your table. The KUDU stand will protect your KUDU from scratches and falling to the floor.


Easy access to the X-check ports.  Replace the ear tips for your KUDU without pulling off a balance act. And now your two circumaural ear cushions can dry free after wiping, without touching each other.


Once in your hands you will see the solid soft stand has multiple slides and a special place for future electronics.  Upgrade surprises are what eMoyo is known for.