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Working with Audiograms

In This Section:

1. Saving, Viewing and Printing Audiograms 
2. Extra Features

Saving, Viewing & Printing Audiograms


  • Select a test record in the history panel and it will open the file in the Test Data Pane.
  • Now you can view, save a pdf, or print the test results by clicking on the icons in the top right hand corner.

On the Audiogram you can see:

  • The detailed patient audiology results
  • Patient’s name and details
  • Clinician’s name and details of the association they belong to and their registration number.
  • Date the test was performed
  • Devices details such as:
    • Serial Number
    • Last calibration date
    • Response Time of patient
    • Accuracy of the patient response

Extra Features

Audiogram Logo Header

  • Go to Settings to create and upload a logo for your audiograms.
  • Follow the instructions from the manual or the prompts from the software.

Assitive Interpretation

  • You can change the Significance of a test or note by clicking on “Change Significance” or right clicking on the file in the history panel. Select the appropriate label from the drop down menu.
  • By selecting “To Interpret”, you can use the Assistive Interpretation feature found in the New Test menu.
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What’s next?

You can also do Speech Reception Threshold Tests and Speech Discrimination Test with the KUDUwave.

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