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Getting Started on the Software

In This Section:

1. Installing the KUDUwave Software
2. Getting Started
3. Patient Management
4. Starting a Clinical Test

Installing the KUDUwave Software

If your KUDUwave controller PC was professionally configured by eMoyo, all the necessary software will already be installed, optimized and initialized.

Should this not be the case, or should you wish to install the software on more than one computer, please visit the KUDUwave website.

  1. Go to our Support link at the top of the page, and click on the Help Desk option from the drop down menu.
  2. Open: How to Download & Install Our Latest Software
  3. Click on the download link and follow the instructions to install.

Use the chat function in the bottom right corner of your screen to chat to us live if you need help.


Getting Started


  • Run the KUDUwave 5 application by double clicking on the icon on your desktop or start bar.
  • Enter your practitioner details. These details will appear on all reports and audiograms.
  • Here, you can also select your language of choice.
  • Press enter or click the “Go” button to move on to the next page.

Patient Management

Working with Folders

    • To create a folder click the “Add Folder” icon.
    • Enter the name of your folder and select “OK” to save.
    • Your “Home” folder is the main folder where all your patient records are stored. All subfolders created will fall under the “Home” folder.
    • Patient details will only be displayed if the folder they fall under is selected.
    • If a folder is selected, a subfolder can be created by clicking the + icon, found next to it.

Working with Patients

  • To create a new patient, select or create the folder under which the patient should be stored.
  • Select the “Add patient” button on the home screen, or click “+ add patient” above the patient list.
  • This will open the Patient Interface to add the new patient’s details. Fill in the patient details in the fields provided.
  • After entering a date of birth, the patient’s age will automatically be calculated and appear next to their name.
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Starting a Clinical Test


  • Ensure that your KUDUwave is plugged in before attempting to initiate a test.
  • You can do Pure Tone Screening, Speech Discrimination (SD), Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) and Bone Conduction Testing if you have a diagnostic KUDUwave.
  • To add a new test click on +Note/Test to get access to the New Test Menu.
  • Select the test you wish to conduct and in the next menu choose the standard protocol to use.
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What’s next?

Conditioning a Patient

Ready to Test your KUDUwave Knowledge?

Complete The KUDUwave Proficiency Assessment

You will receive a KUDUwave Proficiency Certificate at the end of this short assessment.