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Conditioning a Patient

In This Section:

1. Conditioning a Patient
2. Manual Conditioning
3. Automatic Conditioning

Conditioning a Patient

  • This is the conditioning page. It allows you to play a sound to the patient and see how long they take to respond. This tests their response time and conditions them to the test environment.
  • If the patient does not respond in time, a pop up message will say: “Button not pressed in time”. Explain the testing process again, e.g. “When you hear the sound, quickly press the response button and release.”
  • If the patient was too slow in pressing the button, a pop up message will say: “ Pressed bit too slow for automatic wait time”. The wait time is how long it takes for patients to press the button. This is automatically set to 2,5 seconds (2500ms). You can extend or shorten this time by clicking on: “Increase wait time” or “ Decrease wait time”.

Manual Conditioning


  • Begin conditioning at 40 dBHL.
  • Increase the intensity until the patient responds.
  • This gives you an indication of where to begin testing.
  • Click “Next” to move on to testing.

Automatic Conditioning

  • Click the button which says “Manual Conditioning” and you will switch to Automatic Mode.
  • With automatic conditioning, you can select the preferred language of the patient.
  • The conditioning process will now be explained to them in that language.
  • Click “Next” once finished to move on to the testing page.

What’s next?

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