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Bone Conduction Testing

In This Section:

1. Automatic Bone Conduction Testing
2. Manual Bone Conduction Testing

Make sure you have already placed the bone vibrator on the patient’s forehead.
  • Loosen the bone vibrator screw
  • Adjust the band so that the bone vibrator sits flat on the patients forehead, between their eyebrows.
  • Tighten the screw again.
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Automatic Bone Conduction Testing


  • After completing a Pure tone test, click “BC” to continue with bone conduction testing. The Bone Conduction test will begin immediately after you click on the BC button.
  • The KUDUwave will automatically mask the ears when performing this automatic test.
  • Click “Save” when the test is completed.


Manual Bone Conduction Testing


  • Click “BC” to bgin Bone Conduction Testing.
  • Click “Pause” to activate manual mode.
  • Conduct the test using the same panel of buttons as in the Pure Tone Test, or use the Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Masking must be done manually in this mode.
  • Click “Save” once the test is completed.

What’s next?

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