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Air Conduction Testing With The KUDUwave

In This Section:

1. Automatic Air Conduction Testing
2. Manual Air Conduction Testing

Automatic Pure Tone Testing


  • Make sure the room is quiet.
  • The automated test will start running immediately after conditioning is completed.
  • Wait for the test to complete and select “Save”.


Manual Pure Tone Testing


  • After conditioning the patient, click “Pause”. Now manual testing can be performed.
  • Use the keypad or the arrows on your keyboard to move the cursor across the plane.
  • To present a tone click on the music note or press the spacebar.
  • To increase intensity (to make it louder) click the down arrow.
  • To decrease intensity (to make it softer) click the up arrow.
  • To increase the frequency click the left arrow.
  • To decrease the frequency click the right arrow.
  • After a tone is presented, the bar under the keypad will become coloured as you wait for the patient to respond. It will be green and show a thumbs up if the patient responds in time. If the patient was too slow it will turn orange and show a thumbs down.
  • If the patient presses the response button without a tone being presented, a grey spot will mark the screen.
  • Use the keys which have an arrow and blue or red lines next to it, to move the masking level.
key pad
  • The blue crosses/red circles on the side bar are to mark the minimum plateau threshold, threshold frequency and the points the patient did not respond. Use the black X to delete.
  • The blue screen is for the left ear test and the red screen for the right ear . Press the L and R keys on your keyboard or click on the L and R button to switch between left and right or to show both click on the LR button.
left ear
right ear
  • When counselling a patient or person interested in the testing results, use the button which has a graph with dots in the plane, to view the speech area of the patient. On the screen it will show the various consonants and vowels available to the patient and also shows the intensity of sounds i.e. a baby crying or a dog barking.
  • Another feature you can use is applying hearing loss bands to the screen. To view the hearing loss bands, click on “no hearing loss bands” and select one of the options in the drop down menu.
testing scren

What’s next?

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