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Welcome to the KUDUwave Academy

This free KUDUwave learning resource is available to all customers and anyone interested in learning the KUDUwave.

Once completed, take the test to receive your KUDUwave proficiency certificate.


More about the course.

This course is comprised of a short (30-45 minute) online course including both text and video and an online test.

In it, you will learn how to set up your device, navigate the KUDUwave software and ensure optimized testing and reliable results.

Unpacking and Setting Up Your KUDUwave

Unpack and setup your KUDUwave
Using Ear tips and KUDUwave Placement

Need more personal additional training?

For one-on-one online training please contact us at:

Online training is offered free of charge to all customers within the first 30 days of becoming a customer. Onsite training can also be arranged for South African customers, and can also be arranged for larger groups abroad.

Please contact us for terms and pricing.