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KUDUwave 5 Changelog

KUDUwave 5 Updates. 

KUDUwave 5 is the result of almost 10 years of software development offering a clean, simple and efficient interface. 
Like KUDUwave audiometers, KUDUwave 5 combines best-in-class technologies to help speed up common tasks without compromising on quality or speed.

Version (06 March 2019)


Talk Forward

  • Now able to play up to 80 dB
  • Included option to use the laptop microphone or the KUDUwave microphone to speak to the patient 

Improved Search Functionality.

  • Users are now able to search for patients by Name, Surname, Date of Birth, ID number, Passport number
  • Patients can be searched by scanning QR codes

Forms – previously called “questions”

  • Now includes new “occupational healthcare hearing” and “general history” forms, as well as a “medical certificate of fitness” (SA Construction Industry Regulation).  ***NEW***
  • Three questionnaires for ototoxicity monitoring.



  • Added the ability to change test significances from previous software modules. eMoyo 4 legacy tests imported into KUDUwave 5 had a significance of general diagnostic which can now be changed to general screening.
  • Added ability to remove unwanted tests where the test was done in error or included mistakes. Removed tests are automatically hidden from view (not completely deleted). There is a button which allows you to unhide these removed tests.  ***NEW***


  • Included the ability to add folders from the top of the folder pane
  • When adding a new folder, you can immediately choose the type of smart folder you would like it to be set to

Administration & Security ***NEW***

  • Removal of Administration Rights requirements. This removes historic issues related to security protocols setup for administered systems. 

KUDUwave User Passwords  ***NEW***

  • You can now create and manage users passwords for the KUDUwave Software on the settings page, or create a user password to open the software.

Test Views:

  • Includes baseline comparisons with PLH and Milestone monitoring.
  • STS and PLH screening can now be visually compared to previous tests or baselines on one audiogram.
  • BHL has been changed to ABHL – calculations are all according to standard
  • A new layout of buttons in the test screen


  • Addition of reports on STS (standard threshold shift) and PLH (percentage loss of hearing) shifts
    • Standard View
    • Occ Health ZA
  • Health Safety Executive UK ***NEW***
    Assistive interpretation with HSE (Health Safety Executive UK)view
  • Assistive interpretations improved and reported bugs removed
  • Removed PDF button – Functionality to print to pdf is now combined in the Print button functionality

Patient Conditioning

  • Addition of French Language for automatic conditioning ***NEW***

Cloud Synchronisation

  • Addition of proprietary synchronisation technology ***NEW***
  • Addition of Cloud Sync button (press to synchronise)
  • Removal of 3rd party applications: “Syncthing, AWS, Python, previously used to synchronise data.

Speed & optimisation

  • Various bugs fixed to eliminate system hangs and improve data access and retrieval speed as well as connection to the audiometer. 
  • Screen resolution improved for compatibility with more laptop models
  • Fixed that ID numbers beginning with 0 will automatically fill in DoB

New manual updated

Available  for download here




Quicksin Plugin developed and added

Quicksin will automatically press the next button down when the last sentence was scored with the option to play the next sentence of the next word list. 

Available as a premium plugin purchased from eMoyo or through your local distributor

Noah Plugin developed and added

Noah integration now available. Simple and easy to use integration to NOAH  

Available as a premium plugin purchased from eMoyo or through your local distributor





Version (19 June 2018)
This update includes bug fixes and improvements for your KUDUwave.

Added Milestone baseline (audiometric zero) and STS to the KUDUwave 5 Assistive Interpretations. These interpretations are based on the OSHA standards

Version (18 June 2018)
This update includes bug fixes and improvements for your KUDUwave.

Added the ability to save a test by pressing CTRL+S
Bug fix ensures automatic school screening tests automatically retest any frequency that the patient failed

Version (17 June 2018)

Talk forward now automatically activates before and after testing to allow for easier communication with the patient


Bug fix where x-check incorrectly failed when testing with warble tones as a default


Enabled export of KUDUwave data by date range 
Fixed QR code search bug

Version (7 June 2018)

Various bug fixes and optimisations within pure tone audiometry interface

Added the ability to show or hide audiogram controls during testing

Dashboards/Smart Folder

Added a ”Hearing screening for humanitarian outreach” Smart Folder.
This New Smart Folder will increase efficiency of hearing tests by testing only the frequencies relevant and necessary for screening.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Now records maximum masking levels during air conduction testing

Version (7 June 2018)
KUDUwave Electronic Medical Record

Digitally sign a clinical note or test with a drawing pad
Fixes an issue that required one to have a default printer set before using the EMR
KUDUwave 5 now warns you if backing up of data may take time if the database is large
Fixes an issue of preventing patient identifying data storage

Manually enter test results

Change significance on manually entered results. For example, marking a test as a milestone baseline

Version (3 June 2018)

Software Installation

When installing your software, Windows will now recognise and supported the software as it is digitally signed as an eMoyo software
The latest user manual will be downloaded with the software update in a soft copy PDF format  
Installing the latest software will automatically migrate data from your old software

Assistive Interpretations

This update introduces objective interpretations based on various standards for PLH, STS, pure tone test and ototoxicity monitoring.
The user interface of the assistive interpretations has been improved, with test comparison tables created for baseline and follow-up tests to allow for easy reading

Manually enter test results

Have audiogram results from a different audiometer? Enter the test results from the third party onto the KUDUwave 5.
Add a test date on the results and make notes.

Dashboards/Smart Folder

This update added and improved on smart folders. When seeing a specific patient group (i.e. Ototoxicity monitoring), you will get tests specific to that patient group. Such as baseline, screening and exit tests
Now there are smart folders for school screening and occupational audiology

Pure Tone Audiometry

Test individuals with OSHA protocols for occupational/ industrial audiology
The minimum threshold that the ” Auto Air and Bone [Octaves 250Hz to 8kHz – SANS 10182]” can test to was decreased from 0 dBHL to -20 dBHL
Occlusion effect offsets were updated and set for insert earphones as per Dean & Martin  (2000)


Fixes an issue were the software hangs when the sound cards are not correctly set. Software now set sound cards for the end-user upon installation
Added additional Spanish language support

KUDUwave settings

Fixes issue of printing out similar QR code images