I need Plug-in Activation

Upgrade today and see why everyone else did!

KUDUwave Software has gotten a make-over.

No more Login Passwords.

No more Registration of new users.

No more Plugin Activation.

Click here to update right now and carry on working!

The download time will depend on your internet connection (you would need an internet connection for reactivation anyway). The installation of the new software will take only a minute.


Follow these instructions to convert your data to be viewed in the new software. This can happen in the background while you work.

How to Transfer Patient Data after a Software Upgrade

Contact Support if you need help.

To activate your software again you will need to:

  1. Have a strong internet connection
  2. Send your Installation ID to Support.

How to find the installation ID:

  • Click on the Settings button in the top right hand corner.
  • Select Installation ID
  • Copy the code to clipboard and email it to support@emoyo.net

We will activate your software as soon as possible to have you up and working again.