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Link to SA COVID-19 Travel Portal:




Getting Started

  • When an admin user creates your account, you will receive an email with a link to set up your password.
  • Click on the link and choose a strong password.
  • You are now set up to log in.

Logging In

  • Navigate to the site login page
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click Login

Resetting Your Password


  • In case you have forgotten your password, navigate to the login page.
  • Select “Forgot Password”.
  • Enter your email account and select “Reset Password”.
  • Open your email and click on the reset link.
  • Choose a strong password.

The PHO Homepage

Port – Use this to change your current port. Only ports assigned to your user will be available here.

Search Travelers – Use this to search travelers for primary screening

Secondary Screening – Use this for a list of all travelers referred for further assessment and to perform secondary screening.

New Traveler Questionnaire – Assist travelers who have not completed a questionnaire yet.


Primary Screening

  • Log into the PHO home screen
  • Select “Search Travelers”
  • Select either Domestic, Entry or Exit
  • If the traveler has a Lookup ID, enter it here and click search
PHO 10
  • If the traveler has a lookup ID, enter it here and click Search. The traveler name should display in the list. Click the forward icon to open the traveler details for screening.
PHO 11
  • It is also possible to search per Name/Surname or ID/Passport.
  • If the traveler name is not displayed in the list, you can try to search other dates for the same port, or search other ports.
PHO 12
  • If a traveler is selected, you will be prompted to enter the temperature. Click on the icon to enter the temperature in degrees celsius.
PHO 13
  • After the temperature was captured, the risk will be calculated and displayed.
PHO 14
  • The system will also make a decision on the screening result, either “Refer for further assessment” or “Cleared for entry”.
  • To conclude the primary screening, confirm the flight and seat details with the traveler. If it is not yet completed, these fields are mandatory to complete. Click Submit to conclude the screening.
PHO 15
  • To correct an incorrectly entered temperature, click the temperature icon. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE PRESSING SUBMIT. After clicking submit, no data can be changed.
PHO 16
  • A note can be entered by clicking the note icon.
PHO 17
  • The traveler’s date of arrival, travel mode and port of entry can be changed by clicking the edit icon.
PHO 18
  • After the screening is submitted, no changes can be made any more.
PHO 19

Secondary Screening

  • Secondary screening is done by the health staff. In order to get a list of travelers referred for secondary screening, select Secondary screening on the PHO home screen and select either Domestic, Entry or Exit.
PHO 20
  • A list of travelers will display waiting for secondary screening.
PHO 21
  • The list can be filtered by entering a last name in the search box.
  • Select a traveler by clicking the forward button.
PHO 22
  • On the secondary screening window, temperature or comment can be added.
  • The traveler’s risk and indicators are also displayed.
PHO 23
  • A decision can be made by selecting one of the options.
PHO 24
  • After a selection is made, conclude the secondary screening by pressing submit.
PHO 25

Create New Entry Questionnaire 

  • In order to assist a traveler in creating a new questionnaire, select “New Traveler Questionnaire” on the PHO site and select “Entry”.
PHO 26
  • The entry questionnaire page will open. Select either Today or Another date for the travel date. If Another date is selected, choose the date of travel. It is important to note that the questionnaire cannot be completed more than 2 days in advance of travel. Backdating a questionnaire is not possible.
PHO 27
  • Select the mode of travel, either Air, Land or Sea.
PHO 28
  • Select the port of entry. The list will be updated according to the mode of travel selected. Then click next.
PHO 29
  • Enter traveler details
PHO 29
  • The “Select nationality” and “Select country travelling from” fields will open a dropdown list of countries. Countries can be searched either by scrolling or by starting to type a country name. Click on a country name to select it.
PHO 30
  • To remove an incorrectly selected country, click the delete icon.
PHO 31
  • If “Yes” is selected for the question “Are you a South African citizen or resident?” the next field will prompt the user to enter a valid South African ID number. Otherwise a passport number must be entered.
PHO 32
  • If “Yes” is selected for the question “Are you a South African citizen or resident?” the next field will prompt the user to enter a valid South African ID number. Otherwise a passport number must be entered.
PHO 32
PHO 33
  • Click next to proceed to Travel information screen. Here the flight number and seat number can be entered. The description of these fields will change according to the travel mode selected. These fields are not mandatory, as travelers completing the form before travelling might not have this information yet.
PHO 34
  • If “Yes” is chosen for “Did you change seats during the trip?”, you will be prompted for the new seat number.
PHO 35
  • Click next to proceed to the Contact details screen. Please enter valid contact details. The “Email” field should be completed with a valid email address.
PHO 36
  • Multiple destinations can be listed under each other by pressing enter in between. Click next to navigate to the “Other Travel information” screen.
PHO 37
  • All countries travelled to in the past 14 days should be listed. Start typing in the country field or scroll the country list to add a country to the list. Up to 5 countries can be entered. To remove an incorrect entry, click the delete icon.
PHO 38
  • If Yes is selected for Travelling in a group, you will be prompted to enter the size of the group.
PHO 39
  • If Yes is selected for Transporting cargo, you will be prompted to specify if the cargo is medical
PHO 40
  • Click next to navigate to the Contact and medical history screen. Complete all of the questions with either Yes or No (or I don’t know for the first question)
PHO 41
PHO 42
PHO 43
  • Click next to move to the certification screen. Here the traveller should enter their full names to certify the information is correct.
PHO 44
  • Click Submit to submit the form. The Lookup ID will be displayed. Make a note of this. Because you are logged in as the PHO, you will be able to directly open the primary screening screen by selecting the forward button.
PHO 45


Port Health Officials COVID Screening Quiz


Port Health Officials COVID Screening Quiz - True or False

Please enter your NAME, SURNAME and EMAIL:

1 / 7

1. Traveller details and temperature can be edited after submission

2 / 7

2. Travellers can be found by searching a unique Lookup ID, name/ surname, or passport/ ID number

3 / 7

3. Secondary screening is done before primary screening

4 / 7

4. Travelers are referred for secondary screening, if their risk is marked as Moderate or High

5 / 7

5. Travelers can be cleared for entry by a health officer after secondary screening is completed and no risks are identified.

6 / 7

6. You can change your password to login to the Port Health Official Home page

7 / 7

7. You can contact eMoyo for technical support or to ask questions by online chat, email or phone call

Your score is

The average score is 75%