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Dirk Koekemoer

About Dirk Koekemoer

Dr Dirk Koekemoer is a specialist in innovative Telemedicine and Medical Practice Automation. Dirk also studied computer science at UNISA for two years before he started his own business. He has many years of experience in health informatics as a General Practitioner / Programmer / Innovator / Clinical and biomedical engineering researcher / Entrepreneur and Consultant to medical device and software companies. Dirk completed his medical degree in 1994 at the University of Pretoria. He practised as a General Medical Practitioner for 8 years, held the position of emergency doctor at multiple casualty units in Canada and South Africa. He has assisted and continues to assist, surgeons with numerous surgical procedures. Dirk is the co-author of many publications related to audiology and has presented at many local and international conferences on the subject of audiology. Dirk is the inventor of the KUDUwave audiometer and software, as well as multiple unique telemedicine medical devices currently in development. Dirk holds the position of CEO at eMoyo, a private company that designs and develops new devices and software, specifically targeting the resolution of resource and geographic restraints in developing countries.

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